Why Join?

UUJ recently launched an Academy Scheme which, each year recognisesand rewards selected high-performing student players as well as those who were awarded Player of the Year for the previous season. The benefits of achieving ‘Academy’ status includes:

UUJ FC is currently accepting applications for Academy status from UUJ students who are prepared to play for UUJ on both Saturdays and Wednesdays.

Players wishing to apply for Academy status should contact Kevin Kelly.Applicants should state their playing position, current & recent playing circumstances (i.e. clubs represented) and contact details.

Once a shortlist of Academy applicants has been drawn up the management teams from the Wednesday and Saturday teams will meet to make a decision on the appointment of Academy players.

Selection will be based on applicant’s playing ability, playing position and playing circumstances. UUJ FC Academy Alumni

Ryan Duffy Colm Maxwell
Ryan Duffy
Colm Maxwell